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SELECTED The Jerusalem Messianic Seal The Jerusalem Messianic Seal

The Jerusalem Messianic Seal


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This symbol of the Jewish Menorah and Yeshua’s symbol - the Fish, combine to create the Star of David…was found carved and embedded on artifacts excavated on Mount Zion near the site of the Upper Room before the Six Day War of 1967. They were found by an elderly Greek Orthodox monk called Tech Otecus personally excavated about 40 artifacts from an ancient grotto located in the immediate vicinity of the Upper Room on Mount Zion.

 “…This is my interpretation of artifacts from the first century that had the symbol engraved on them. The artifacts found in 1967 were given to the Israeli Museum and the Vatican and were never seen or exhibited since. Whether they existed or not is of no matter to me. This symbol moves my heart and fills me with love and passion for the early days of Christianity when Jews and believers of Yeshua lived together in understanding within the same communities and synagogues. This symbol in its self is a very powerful sign of hope ….”   Eli Ofir


The Jerusalem Messianic Seal